Your digital valet ticket

Paperless valet management system eliminating guest waiting time and increasing venue efficiency

Your digital valet ticket
Parq for customers.

Enjoy a frinctionless in and out valet experience with an automated solution at all your favourite venues.

Parq for businesses.

Digitally manage vehicle flow allowing your customers more time inside your venue and a seamless experience at your door.

How It Works

Fastest way to valet your car

Send one-off and automated email, push, and in-app messages to people. Create better stories.


Where to
use Parq

From commercial properties to residential, Parq can easily be integrated with any valet team.


Avoid crowding for hotel guests and bottlenecks at the end of large events.


Have control over your in flow and out flow at the end of service.

Shopping Malls

Eliminate long lines at your entrance by gaining insight over your foot traffic.

Movie Cinemas

Get visibility over valet requests before large footfalls at the end of a movie.

Residential Buildings

Provide your residents with the ultimate valet convenience.

Corporate Offices

Avoid office rush hour congestion with a seamless solution.

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A new way to valet. A new way to Parq.

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